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Most of children

In poll of children and young people which is carried out by Natsio nalny society of protection of children from ill treatment, most of respondents told that in general adults not listen to them.Most of children reported that at them there is at least one person with whom they can to an obs to dit the problems and alarms.At the vast majority such person is mother.However % of respondents of ska the hall that it is nobody to address.Allow children to tell to you about everything Be open.It is important to children to know that they can to tell you about anything and it will not bring to even to big troubles.

The answer

In the Vedic writing is stories of life sacred which of all property had one bandage, could sleep only two hours per day, prinikmat some grains of rice as food.The answer here idle time big boundless high desires are abroad the material sphere where stremlekny to improvement is not located within the material.What prize will be won by parents in case of success?If to speak about success of education, what prize is won by parents if they can understand importance of the principle you can want more?

The third

Whether it is possible to do without negative emotions?As already there was a speech earlier, our children anyway face problems of three types, irrespective of efforts of parents to protect and protect them from influences of this world.The first look the problems connected with vneshkny circumstances, climate, the nature, weather and so on, the second the problems connected with behavior of other people.The third type of problems causes a body and mind of the child.Sufferings of own body and mind, problekma brought by own body and the nature including the certain experiences, fears which are often going from antecedents are quite often unclear to parents.

They shout, arrange

Nevertheless many children of a vosprina wash sharp no as an appeal to the weapon, as direct attack on the independence.They to a mobiliz yut all the energy to strike back.They shout, arrange hysterics, are called and for knock about in themselves.They fall upon parents with phrases like Why is not present?, You mean, I you I hate!It can tire even the most patient give rise pour.So to do to us?To be given?To speak yes on in total?Of course not.Then you lay the foundation of tyranny badly wellmannered child.

The father

The book can include obya Alternative to punishment Johnny's zatelstvo as active participant of team buyers, the person who can push telezh ku to load it, to unload and distribute products in it.Or Johnny by means of mother can compose the list of products in words or pictures, for search and which selection it will answer.The father with the son can think up library a sist mu with cards in which account of delivery will be kept tools.Each tool will need to be returned, before taking another.

Let to the child

Reacting to his requirements, you impart to it selfesteem.Any child has to know, what behavior expect from it in general and what if it broke line the legal.Your duty is to carry out this a cher and to let to the child know that that love him irrespective of him ho roshy behavior.Let to the child know that you.will love it, even if he will make a mistake.If child to feeling et that it is in loving, careful an obsta to novka, but thus not too we sponsor and we suppress, if it was given certain freedom if it is allowed to make Work with feelings mistakes, these a lot of things speak about what grew thetas this kid.


These steps of an uspokaiv yut.They help you to collect the thoughts and to ask yas but also it is quiet, without shouting and without carping.Tell the child that you want that he made: it is clear, pros that and only once.Parents hardly trust, but the child or the teenager most often will make about what he is asked.Rodya body too got used to pass steps and and to start to a step , and it works with smaller probability.If steps did not work that is improbable, ask those the child to tell by the own words about what you asked him.

So, what

And negative results, perhaps, will never manage to be corrected.So, what parents and tutors specifically have to give to children?And when there comes the critical term to which it is necessary to manage to make everything?These are very important questions, and we need to consider them in all details.Then we will be able to see, provide a day nursery vital needs of children or it is necessary to make changes for bigger efficiency to their work.Ability to feel All children develop in the same sequence.

Or even start

Do not go into extremes!The knowledge of it out of a concept context children from heavens unfortunately, can do more harm, than advantage.Because mothers who seriously are interested in Vedic knowledge, having learned suddenly that their child came from infernal planets, lose enthusiasm to be engaged in its spiritual improvement.Or even start it being afraid.The effect is shown it is similar to that nablyudalksya after an exit to screens of the movie Expelling a Dyavokl.


Now most likely it is obvious to you that to have business with feelings this big art, but not science.However we trust it is based on years of supervision, that parents after some tests and mistakes can to seize this art.Through some time you will feel that suits specifically yours to the child and that is not present.With practice you will open soon that irritates him and calms that creates a distance also promotes the close relations that will wound and that treats.Nothing can replace your own susceptibility.

Fontana, Glasgow, Kay Margetts. Responsive


Chitrita K.In an interval between four and six months your kid, most likely, will start showing the readiness to a tver to that food demanding feeding is more often, without gorging on, prosa are more often being given to drink at night, or both that, and another, and the third.Many mothers are proud, when the kid a vper starts eating the vy povzrosly, others are covered by a lung the regret after all the child becomes less dependent and a pra rotates from a chest mladenchik in such Jackson Pollo in a bib.

It is done, at least

Children at the age of about two years can play with are imagined mi companions.It is done, at least during neko tory time, approximately from one heel to one quarter children.With bigger probability lonely children so play, but in an essence of such game there are no reasons for concern.Such goods Russian cabbage soup usually is nearby when the child plays itself, but forget about them when the child is called by mother.Game and training Time in front of the screen Adults have to take care of, that oznako aim with material to which children have access; to provide implementation of all rules, which prednazna Chena for protection of the child against a improper materi la; to discuss violent or in any other manner the plots and images disturbing children and whenever possible to provide their nonviolent equivalents.

When performing

Exercise is carried out with voice.After that in the same way sover to shat the movements to the rightto the left.When performing exercise it is heard indistinct sound r.Therefore if your child says grassiruyushchiya sound r, it needs to show this exercise without voice, otherwise having heard similar on r a sound, it will include the pronunciation.Tell to it that you show it performance of exercise without voice, and it will have to do it with voice.EXERCISES FOR STATEMENT OF THE WHISTLING SOUNDS Fillet.

The child

At the child widely eyes are also tensely open: You have eyes round, make their pokrugly, pay attention that so it is inconvenient to look, now lower them down, you see, now they have a rest.Exercises on dropping muscular clips.You should show these exercises to the child, therefore at first study them.The child has to raise hands up and then drop them.Watch behind that the child dropped the relaxed hands.They have to to fall under weight of a body weight, but not to fall in re to zultata of the special movement which is carrying out with pressing.

But these

Being not listened and understood, these children have tendency to complain which is not manifestation of any special weakness of character or the child's pamperedness, or his any excessive tendency to whims at all.Whims are very wide term, each of types of children shows them differently.But these children show whims in the most classical style, directly in the form of complaints and tears.Also it appears that sympathy and understanding is that most strongly motivates these children.

They believe

All this is the necessary food for children's mind presented in the correct emotional tone.Many parents, having transferred the child to hands to the foreign nurse, often do it because have no idea of that, how many all occurs these first months.They believe sufficient if is to a lump to feed the child and to change to it diapers, to take the child on hands if he cries then it is possible simply to wait when he grows up.There is no deeper delusions.Supervision over work of staff of a day nursery even specify in the best children's centers that communication between tutors and children proceeds very quickly, visual contact if it is, too short, children console resembling, and talk is reduced only to by the way to the thrown phrase: Here clear head.

You know

You so think?Son.Yes, he looked at me all the time, when cried.Father.Yes?Son.But I did not break it.Did not break!Father.You know that did not break.With y N.Well, I made it not purposely!I could not to a nicha go to make because this stupid Debbie pushed me nya on a table.Father.Means, Debbie pushed you.Son.Yes.The lot of all fell, but the only thing that broke this is a birdie.

The second

One of its values is a religion.The second value is the integral qualities.If punishment is way to support or develop natural, positive, kind integral qualities, such punishment will be punishment in clemency.If this punishment seeks to forbid the person to work according to the nature, it will be destructive as for this purpose who underwent punishment, and for this purpose who applies such punishment.Children of an active warehouse The second type of children is an active type.


Its movements gain constraint.By nature the child can be very much on dvizhny, but because of tight muscles its mobility appears not coordinate, angular and clumsy.Are especially strongly clamped shoulders, thus they are raised.This tension extends on others, being pobli muscle zost.Therefore the neck at the child too is intense and can be pushed back, sometimes even before education the second chin.Intense are muscles of lips and cheeks and in general all mimic muscles from it arise the excess front mimicry.

In it our main

Without going into extremes, we have to help the child to endure these emotions, to give him necessary support.In it our main task.So, we understand that negative emotions, anger, fear, feeling of constraint, shame, shyness, grief and bitterness are part of process of growth and development of the child.To learn to operate negative emotions to help to cope with them to the child, it is necessary to reconcile at first to them, and, using power of reason, and also knowledge which come through the Vedic writing, to understand that in this world manifestation of negative emotions inevitably.

Then it adds

To children to whom it is lonely and terrible in a bedroom, it will be simpler to fall asleep in one room with the brother/sister.To some children the help is necessary to relax.I help it to imagine, as it gdenibud relaxes.It lies in a bed, and I tell it, that it lies on a lavandovy meadow, in the sky shines the warm sun, blows an easy breeze.Then it adds details from himself for example, as if on it put glasses in the form of hearts.When the picture on eyes as it it calls, corresponds it to desires, she calms down and falls asleep.

Attempt of the child

Attempt of the child to a sta to ret borders reflects his need for feeling nadezh to Nosta of the world, in confidence that it will not disperse on seams and not will fail if to put it on trials.Looking on red for the plakanny face, is difficult to believe that it is necessary for the child, that you told no, but it quite so.If behavior re the benka forces you to recede from the belief, you that most create the atmosphere of uncertainty, which not at bears advantage neither to you, nor it.It is hardly to care of the baby, but the secret is simple: it depends on us, and we have to, depend on it.

Even if still

Partly the answer to the asked question is the judgment, Cht ° to us as to parents, it is just necessary to expand the °pektr understanding of happiness.Even if theoretically.Even if still in us dozes or the dream fights outside to live abroad and to see the world, to travel, receive all those values which for us seemed before are inaccessible.But we will accept at least theoretically that actually here directly with us in one apartment there can live living beings who such saw also such worried that the trip on any Pacific islands or acquisition of a twostoreyed mansion to Moscow area, for them is simply a sneer.

If you will

Dolzha but to turn out the word cup.Speak to the child: Now you will travel around the magic country, where there live riddles, and the alphabet will help you to solve them.If you will correctly collect all letters, will be able to learn ota gadka.Without wings fly, Without feet run, Without sail float.Answer: the first letter is above a letter U, but below Й, the following letter to the right of And, but to the left of In, slea the blowing between To and M, the fourth letter hid over letter E, the fifth over П, and the last letter is to the left of B.


You need to keep control over a situation.However in fact, if to close the child in the room, that prepo to let it a lesson, the child can feel the thrown.In my opinion, it is an extreme.Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy If all are upset, the most important to part them in different directions and then to talk to each poodinoch ke, starting with the one to whom, in my opinion, it is more necessary, and it usually the one who is more upset.It is necessary for them to stay in different rooms, to think and reconcile, when they return.

You say vowels

also I call soft consonants d', in', etc..The child has to show with the replying circle and to characterize a sound.You say vowels and consonants.Task such as and in the previous exercise.Concerning a vowel reb NOC has to tell that it public.The child has to spread schemes of words in which is I call soft sounds for example: fox, guelderrose, measles, fireplace, etc..I vowels which can follow a soft soglasnp it is possible to use only a sound and.Now you need to acquaint the child with deafs soft with vowels.

Try to strain

The clamped, raised shoulders surely cause violation breath, it becomes superficial, clavicular, while for the speech needs belly breath.Try to strain shoulders, and you will feel at once, as itself the neck strained, at the same time as if stiffened and became heavy the lower jaw and lips, and eyes were rounded and stared somewhere in space before itself.Pay also attention how aism your breath nitsya thus.This is also that initial position, from to which the child most often tries to start speaking.

They sound

Whether it be fuss with parents or with friends, will help couples Kia basic rules.They sound so: game it is excellent, it is possible to continue to have fun and play so much, how many ho it chtsya if only it harmed to nobody also all participants to a floor chat pleasure.Game and training Are ready to a fight?Steve Biddalf, psychologist and writer How fathers play with children, influences the future of children.Fathers, as a rule, subject children to stresses from age, when children start going.

It is necessary

/ At the beginning it is possible to allow the child when pronouncing sounds t d to put out a little from a mouth tongue.It is necessary to say syllables with a sound further and.The sound and follows to say almost the same as y, only lips priotkry are howled a little more widely.Something will turn out average between aa and and.The child has to say serially syllables you that, dy yes.V need to pass to a pronunciation of syllables with a sound e Now you that is te; dy yes de the mouth almost does not open, a voice the ny sound gets precisely to a palm, air hot.

Further it is necessary

The syllable needs to be said shortly, but thus without tension.The sound and has to be heavy and to fall out of a mouth on a palm.Further it is necessary to eliminate from a pronunciation buzzing at sound.For this purpose the child has to say syllables very silently about dolzhy to feel an exhalation on palms and the movement of air on teeth.After that it is necessary to say according to pictures syllables with vowels about, s, e, y.Lips of the child have to be slightly opened by loudhailer even when pronouncing a syllable with a sound at.

It, probably, beats

I that sing.Father.It, probably, beats off any hunting, if work takes more time, than you expect.Child.I such terrible when I smile.It is visible only a plate for teeth.I ugly.Mother.Really it is not pleasant to you, as you you look.And, probably, to you will be all the same, if I will tell that your appearance is pleasant to me, from a pl wall or without.We hope that our preventions not to an isp Ghali you.

B to onecolor

If to work with onecolor black letters to the child so far it zhtsya difficult, let uses the multicolored alphabet further.B to onecolor letters you will be able to accustom him when he nachnep really to write with printing letters.Now it is necessary to work with the child sound alphabetic knew zy words.It is better to do it, using the blackandwhite cutting alphabet, You offer the child of the scheme of words, partially consisting of letters.partially from symbols of sounds.In the beginning you give it terse words from three sounds for example: stake, pine forest, soup, etc.

To tell the child

Why?Because as shower, as living being, it in general has no relation to these details.To tell the child that he was brought by a stork, actually is knowledge in bigger clemency, than to explain him all subtleties of passing of a man's seed as a result of some there sexual contact and so on.He in general will regret that was born thus: as as if in a toilet descended.So the child can represent a situation.If you were devoted ahead of schedule in similar knowledge, that, it is sure for hundred percent that you felt feeling of discomfort.

If our children

If our children deserve the thousand second chances and still plus one, let's give ourselves one thousand chances and still plus two.About what all this?Having read this book, you and so made a lot of things.At you there was an opportunity to master the new principles, at to menit new skills in practice, to learn the new to behavior models and to reject the old.When it is necessary in so many to understand and it is so much all to accept to light niya, it is difficult not to lose from a look the general Carti well.

Pay attention

Jumping on two feet, moves ahead, hands at are reaped to hips.Hold the same games in the form of competitions.For example, who is faster will jump to the coast stork, Will creep crab who is farther prodvi is been not present for two jumps by frog etc.forward.Competitions much more will increase efficiency of occupations.Pay attention that to you always it is offered to carry out the movements in the direction from deep part to the small or on shoal along the coast.Meet this condition always.

Further the child

Let the child will repeat it after you.Suggest the child to guess, what soft pair sound at a sound x.If the child thinks by analogy with the previous cases to say a sound shch the sound is put.If is not present, offer it, it is long saying a sound ', pe fly on silent, its shepotny pronouncing 'shch.Further the child has to say at once a sound ' shepo volume.When the sound leaves at the child unmistakably, tell him, what sound he says.Fix a sound pronunciation in syllables Russian cabbage soup, shche, shchu, shch ?


The child should master actions unfamiliar to it.All this causes in it emotional, so, and muscular tension, to the tory can be shown in violation of a speech exhalation.Therefore to you with the child it is necessary to master ways of restoration of normal speech breath.Pronunciation of sounds Some types of violation of a pronunciation of sounds are known: Sound it can be passed absolutely.Then at repetition of words the child instead of a sound says not clear public or nonsyllabic sound, sometimes a little yotirovanny a shed sayah or sayah, or passes a sound completely saah.

Such both

It is also possible to offer the child pea to revodit the Russian words on language of the country of the World behind the lookingglass.Such both at once it is possible to think out the whole small offers.For example, you call the word of bouzas, and the child speaks tooth, or you call to the child the word nys, and it translates it as son.Possible versions of words from letters: smoke is washed, honey that, spinning top alyu, whale tic, bull kyb, cancer carat, house fashions, fur hy, companies Torahs, onions cool, tea yach, nose dream, chalk lemmas, wood sat down.

Since university

I made friends with unemployed mothers the majority from which were educated women with similar views on life.Since university I could not devote so much time to friendship.I also understood that to have both the baby and able to go very pleasantly as day was very busy, and my experience and maternal confidence only became stronger.And though it were hard conditions, Daniella waited, and Zac supported her any decision.And then, when time has come there was also an opportunity to work.

A rare exception

Relatives from big families extremely seldom gather.Elderly people are far from relatives, they are literally imprisoned in a ghetto or shelters for the aged.We waved a hand on people.A rare exception are the friendly relations and frivolous public actions.We buy music instead of to create it.We replaced public life with shopping, communication television, sex and we are surprised with food why we feel such dissatisfaction.Visitors from underdeveloped countries are shocked with that see at us.

Do not use a sound

yo, yu yu, I ya.EXERCISES FOR THE SOUND ANALYSIS OF WORDS You say the words beginning with vowels percussions and unaccented, for example: street, fennel, angel, avenue, era, floor, etc..When the word begins with a sound stressed vowel, the child shows red circle.At repeated performance of exercise the child has to show a circle and to call a shock sound.Do not use a sound o in unaccented situation it is reduced.You say disyllables with an accent that on the first, on second syllable.

Let to the child

or I nemno go became puzzled / sya.You could not tell me slightly more about what you feel?Even simple description of a situation monstrirut understanding of you and induces the child to further explanations: For you it is probably a pity that slo Mali your toy?Show understanding.Let to the child know that you understanding those also recognize its feelings even if you do not agree from them at ranks.One of effective ways it to reflect it emotions depending on a context.

At you polneniya

To show to the child simultaneous roundabouts prya my hands back, through the parties, to hips, forwardup.At you polneniya of these movements the palm moves down to feet; from hips a brush it is developed by a thumb forward a palm edge and moves forwardup in a starting position.Suggest the child to do the movements together with you.Let it will look sideways at you during exercise performance.Then it at nimat the same starting position and tries to repeat the movements, executed by you.

The child

In the beginning vowels should be said it is long.The same exercise needs to be carried out with the closed syllables.Say that a syllable, a combination of two consonants.Child has to define when you said a syllable, and to call the vowel forming this syllable.The child has to repeat after you on word syllables from two open syllables which you say together.If it is zat rudnyatsya to break words into syllables, let defines, what vowels is in these words.Saying words on syllables, let pulls vowels.

Loraf. Normally

If you suspect

If you suspect that your child of the preschool increased that steals: try to establish the facts; allow it to tell the version of events see.about shcheniye; keep sense of reality: many children at least once take things which do not belong to them; quietly and clearly express the disapproval; tell it that you love it and want to help, before the situation did not become complicated; discuss as people when take them to a thing mo feel gutnut to help books, if for direct discussion of incidents the child reacts silence; do not paste a label of the thief see.

Many people

And that even worse if it goes too far, shout can frighten the child or to suppress him.If you quickly return to a normal to Nome or more silent tone, you will show that you become angry, but control a situation.If your child shouts, extreme surprise from that you answer it with a low voice, can to force it to listen.Many people who read it, consider shout as something very negative, remembering as was at them with their parents.Often, when shouted at them, it had no the relations to that they did, and belonged rather to against what their parents with own fought marriage, shortage of money, etc.


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