Further the child

Further the child Let the child will repeat it after you.

Suggest the child to guess, what soft pair sound at a sound x.

If the child thinks by analogy with the previous cases to say a sound shch the sound is put.

If is not present, offer it, it is long saying a sound ', pe fly on silent, its shepotny pronouncing 'shch.

Further the child has to say at once a sound ' shepo volume.

When the sound leaves at the child unmistakably, tell him, what sound he says.

Fix a sound pronunciation in syllables Russian cabbage soup, shche, shchu, shch ?

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Therefore The child should master actions unfamiliar to it.

All this causes in it emotional, so, and muscular tension, to the tory can be shown in violation of a speech exhalation.

Therefore to you with the child it is necessary to master ways of restoration of normal speech breath.

Pronunciation of sounds Some types of violation of a pronunciation of sounds are known: Sound it can be passed absolutely.

Then at repetition of words the child instead of a sound says not clear public or nonsyllabic sound, sometimes a little yotirovanny a shed sayah or sayah, or passes a sound completely saah.

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Such both

Such both It is also possible to offer the child pea to revodit the Russian words on language of the country of the World behind the lookingglass.

Such both at once it is possible to think out the whole small offers.

For example, you call the word of bouzas, and the child speaks tooth, or you call to the child the word nys, and it translates it as son.

Possible versions of words from letters: smoke is washed, honey that, spinning top alyu, whale tic, bull kyb, cancer carat, house fashions, fur hy, companies Torahs, onions cool, tea yach, nose dream, chalk lemmas, wood sat down.

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  • Try to strain
  • If our children
  • A rare exception
  • You know
  • Such both
  • They shout, arrange
  • Do not use a sound
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