Let to the child

Let to the child or I nemno go became puzzled / sya.

You could not tell me slightly more about what you feel?

Even simple description of a situation monstrirut understanding of you and induces the child to further explanations: For you it is probably a pity that slo Mali your toy?

Show understanding.

Let to the child know that you understanding those also recognize its feelings even if you do not agree from them at ranks.

One of effective ways it to reflect it emotions depending on a context.

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At you polneniya

At you polneniya To show to the child simultaneous roundabouts prya my hands back, through the parties, to hips, forwardup.

At you polneniya of these movements the palm moves down to feet; from hips a brush it is developed by a thumb forward a palm edge and moves forwardup in a starting position.

Suggest the child to do the movements together with you.

Let it will look sideways at you during exercise performance.

Then it at nimat the same starting position and tries to repeat the movements, executed by you.

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The child

The child In the beginning vowels should be said it is long.

The same exercise needs to be carried out with the closed syllables.

Say that a syllable, a combination of two consonants.

Child has to define when you said a syllable, and to call the vowel forming this syllable.

The child has to repeat after you on word syllables from two open syllables which you say together.

If it is zat rudnyatsya to break words into syllables, let defines, what vowels is in these words.

Saying words on syllables, let pulls vowels.

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Loraf. Normally

Loraf. Normally It is work lo, so far he did not tell such that I to take out already could not in any way.

When I declared that to me it not it is pleasant, his friend answered: And my father so always speaks.

I told chtoto it seems at each family there are rules, and at us the rule such.

I do not doubt that among themselves they will continue to tell it, but at me since then they it did not repeat and it, in my opinion, the most important.


Normally to communicate with other children, the child has to be able to give and take, not only to understand and consider feelings of others but also to express the needs and wishes couples to, pertinently and effectively.

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If you suspect

If you suspect If you suspect that your child of the preschool increased that steals: try to establish the facts; allow it to tell the version of events see.

about shcheniye; keep sense of reality: many children at least once take things which do not belong to them; quietly and clearly express the disapproval; tell it that you love it and want to help, before the situation did not become complicated; discuss as people when take them to a thing mo feel gutnut to help books, if for direct discussion of incidents the child reacts silence; do not paste a label of the thief see.

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Many people

Many people And that even worse if it goes too far, shout can frighten the child or to suppress him.

If you quickly return to a normal to Nome or more silent tone, you will show that you become angry, but control a situation.

If your child shouts, extreme surprise from that you answer it with a low voice, can to force it to listen.

Many people who read it, consider shout as something very negative, remembering as was at them with their parents.

Often, when shouted at them, it had no the relations to that they did, and belonged rather to against what their parents with own fought marriage, shortage of money, etc.

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