The second

The second One of its values is a religion.

The second value is the integral qualities.

If punishment is way to support or develop natural, positive, kind integral qualities, such punishment will be punishment in clemency.

If this punishment seeks to forbid the person to work according to the nature, it will be destructive as for this purpose who underwent punishment, and for this purpose who applies such punishment.

Children of an active warehouse The second type of children is an active type.

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Therefore Its movements gain constraint.

By nature the child can be very much on dvizhny, but because of tight muscles its mobility appears not coordinate, angular and clumsy.

Are especially strongly clamped shoulders, thus they are raised.

This tension extends on others, being pobli muscle zost.

Therefore the neck at the child too is intense and can be pushed back, sometimes even before education the second chin.

Intense are muscles of lips and cheeks and in general all mimic muscles from it arise the excess front mimicry.

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In it our main

In it our main Without going into extremes, we have to help the child to endure these emotions, to give him necessary support.

In it our main task.

So, we understand that negative emotions, anger, fear, feeling of constraint, shame, shyness, grief and bitterness are part of process of growth and development of the child.

To learn to operate negative emotions to help to cope with them to the child, it is necessary to reconcile at first to them, and, using power of reason, and also knowledge which come through the Vedic writing, to understand that in this world manifestation of negative emotions inevitably.

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Then it adds

Then it adds To children to whom it is lonely and terrible in a bedroom, it will be simpler to fall asleep in one room with the brother/sister.

To some children the help is necessary to relax.

I help it to imagine, as it gdenibud relaxes.

It lies in a bed, and I tell it, that it lies on a lavandovy meadow, in the sky shines the warm sun, blows an easy breeze.

Then it adds details from himself for example, as if on it put glasses in the form of hearts.

When the picture on eyes as it it calls, corresponds it to desires, she calms down and falls asleep.

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Attempt of the child

Attempt of the child Attempt of the child to a sta to ret borders reflects his need for feeling nadezh to Nosta of the world, in confidence that it will not disperse on seams and not will fail if to put it on trials.

Looking on red for the plakanny face, is difficult to believe that it is necessary for the child, that you told no, but it quite so.

If behavior re the benka forces you to recede from the belief, you that most create the atmosphere of uncertainty, which not at bears advantage neither to you, nor it.

It is hardly to care of the baby, but the secret is simple: it depends on us, and we have to, depend on it.

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Even if still

Even if still Partly the answer to the asked question is the judgment, Cht ° to us as to parents, it is just necessary to expand the °pektr understanding of happiness.

Even if theoretically.

Even if still in us dozes or the dream fights outside to live abroad and to see the world, to travel, receive all those values which for us seemed before are inaccessible.

But we will accept at least theoretically that actually here directly with us in one apartment there can live living beings who such saw also such worried that the trip on any Pacific islands or acquisition of a twostoreyed mansion to Moscow area, for them is simply a sneer.

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