Most of children

Most of children In poll of children and young people which is carried out by Natsio nalny society of protection of children from ill treatment, most of respondents told that in general adults not listen to them.

Most of children reported that at them there is at least one person with whom they can to an obs to dit the problems and alarms.

At the vast majority such person is mother.

However % of respondents of ska the hall that it is nobody to address.

Allow children to tell to you about everything Be open.

It is important to children to know that they can to tell you about anything and it will not bring to even to big troubles.

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The answer

The answer In the Vedic writing is stories of life sacred which of all property had one bandage, could sleep only two hours per day, prinikmat some grains of rice as food.

The answer here idle time big boundless high desires are abroad the material sphere where stremlekny to improvement is not located within the material.

What prize will be won by parents in case of success?

If to speak about success of education, what prize is won by parents if they can understand importance of the principle you can want more?

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The third

The third Whether it is possible to do without negative emotions?

As already there was a speech earlier, our children anyway face problems of three types, irrespective of efforts of parents to protect and protect them from influences of this world.

The first look the problems connected with vneshkny circumstances, climate, the nature, weather and so on, the second the problems connected with behavior of other people.

The third type of problems causes a body and mind of the child.

Sufferings of own body and mind, problekma brought by own body and the nature including the certain experiences, fears which are often going from antecedents are quite often unclear to parents.

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They shout, arrange

They shout, arrange Nevertheless many children of a vosprina wash sharp no as an appeal to the weapon, as direct attack on the independence.

They to a mobiliz yut all the energy to strike back.

They shout, arrange hysterics, are called and for knock about in themselves.

They fall upon parents with phrases like Why is not present?

, You mean, I you I hate!

It can tire even the most patient give rise pour.

So to do to us?

To be given?

To speak yes on in total?

Of course not.

Then you lay the foundation of tyranny badly wellmannered child.

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The father

The father The book can include obya Alternative to punishment Johnny's zatelstvo as active participant of team buyers, the person who can push telezh ku to load it, to unload and distribute products in it.

Or Johnny by means of mother can compose the list of products in words or pictures, for search and which selection it will answer.

The father with the son can think up library a sist mu with cards in which account of delivery will be kept tools.

Each tool will need to be returned, before taking another.

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Let to the child

Let to the child Reacting to his requirements, you impart to it selfesteem.

Any child has to know, what behavior expect from it in general and what if it broke line the legal.

Your duty is to carry out this a cher and to let to the child know that that love him irrespective of him ho roshy behavior.

Let to the child know that you.

will love it, even if he will make a mistake.

If child to feeling et that it is in loving, careful an obsta to novka, but thus not too we sponsor and we suppress, if it was given certain freedom if it is allowed to make Work with feelings mistakes, these a lot of things speak about what grew thetas this kid.

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