Further it is necessary

Further it is necessary The syllable needs to be said shortly, but thus without tension.

The sound and has to be heavy and to fall out of a mouth on a palm.

Further it is necessary to eliminate from a pronunciation buzzing at sound.

For this purpose the child has to say syllables very silently about dolzhy to feel an exhalation on palms and the movement of air on teeth.

After that it is necessary to say according to pictures syllables with vowels about, s, e, y.

Lips of the child have to be slightly opened by loudhailer even when pronouncing a syllable with a sound at.

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It, probably, beats

It, probably, beats I that sing.


It, probably, beats off any hunting, if work takes more time, than you expect.


I such terrible when I smile.

It is visible only a plate for teeth.

I ugly.


Really it is not pleasant to you, as you you look.

And, probably, to you will be all the same, if I will tell that your appearance is pleasant to me, from a pl wall or without.

We hope that our preventions not to an isp Ghali you.

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B to onecolor

B to onecolor If to work with onecolor black letters to the child so far it zhtsya difficult, let uses the multicolored alphabet further.

B to onecolor letters you will be able to accustom him when he nachnep really to write with printing letters.

Now it is necessary to work with the child sound alphabetic knew zy words.

It is better to do it, using the blackandwhite cutting alphabet, You offer the child of the scheme of words, partially consisting of letters.

partially from symbols of sounds.

In the beginning you give it terse words from three sounds for example: stake, pine forest, soup, etc.

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To tell the child

To tell the child Why?

Because as shower, as living being, it in general has no relation to these details.

To tell the child that he was brought by a stork, actually is knowledge in bigger clemency, than to explain him all subtleties of passing of a man's seed as a result of some there sexual contact and so on.

He in general will regret that was born thus: as as if in a toilet descended.

So the child can represent a situation.

If you were devoted ahead of schedule in similar knowledge, that, it is sure for hundred percent that you felt feeling of discomfort.

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If our children

If our children If our children deserve the thousand second chances and still plus one, let's give ourselves one thousand chances and still plus two.

About what all this?

Having read this book, you and so made a lot of things.

At you there was an opportunity to master the new principles, at to menit new skills in practice, to learn the new to behavior models and to reject the old.

When it is necessary in so many to understand and it is so much all to accept to light niya, it is difficult not to lose from a look the general Carti well.

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