However You need to keep control over a situation.

However in fact, if to close the child in the room, that prepo to let it a lesson, the child can feel the thrown.

In my opinion, it is an extreme.

Vivian Gross, director of clinic of Institute of family therapy If all are upset, the most important to part them in different directions and then to talk to each poodinoch ke, starting with the one to whom, in my opinion, it is more necessary, and it usually the one who is more upset.

It is necessary for them to stay in different rooms, to think and reconcile, when they return.

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You say vowels

You say vowels also I call soft consonants d', in', etc.


The child has to show with the replying circle and to characterize a sound.

You say vowels and consonants.

Task such as and in the previous exercise.

Concerning a vowel reb NOC has to tell that it public.

The child has to spread schemes of words in which is I call soft sounds for example: fox, guelderrose, measles, fireplace, etc.


I vowels which can follow a soft soglasnp it is possible to use only a sound and.

Now you need to acquaint the child with deafs soft with vowels.

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Try to strain

Try to strain The clamped, raised shoulders surely cause violation breath, it becomes superficial, clavicular, while for the speech needs belly breath.

Try to strain shoulders, and you will feel at once, as itself the neck strained, at the same time as if stiffened and became heavy the lower jaw and lips, and eyes were rounded and stared somewhere in space before itself.

Pay also attention how aism your breath nitsya thus.

This is also that initial position, from to which the child most often tries to start speaking.

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They sound

They sound Whether it be fuss with parents or with friends, will help couples Kia basic rules.

They sound so: game it is excellent, it is possible to continue to have fun and play so much, how many ho it chtsya if only it harmed to nobody also all participants to a floor chat pleasure.

Game and training Are ready to a fight?

Steve Biddalf, psychologist and writer How fathers play with children, influences the future of children.

Fathers, as a rule, subject children to stresses from age, when children start going.

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It is necessary

It is necessary / At the beginning it is possible to allow the child when pronouncing sounds t d to put out a little from a mouth tongue.

It is necessary to say syllables with a sound further and.

The sound and follows to say almost the same as y, only lips priotkry are howled a little more widely.

Something will turn out average between aa and and.

The child has to say serially syllables you that, dy yes.

V need to pass to a pronunciation of syllables with a sound e Now you that is te; dy yes de the mouth almost does not open, a voice the ny sound gets precisely to a palm, air hot.

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