Fontana, Glasgow, Kay Margetts. Responsive

Fontana, Glasgow, Kay Margetts. Responsive Daycare The Developing Child.

Fontana, Glasgow, Kay Margetts.

Responsive caregiving, reducing stress in infant toddler care//International Journal of Early Childhood.

, , , It is quoted in the courageous book of Anna Mann about disputes concerning child care facilities.

Also gives to a manna understanding of policy of the researches conducted by NIDZR, and vnutren them nesoglasiya in team of researchers who probably also became the reason of unexpressed cautions in their reports.

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Chitrita Chitrita K.

In an interval between four and six months your kid, most likely, will start showing the readiness to a tver to that food demanding feeding is more often, without gorging on, prosa are more often being given to drink at night, or both that, and another, and the third.

Many mothers are proud, when the kid a vper starts eating the vy povzrosly, others are covered by a lung the regret after all the child becomes less dependent and a pra rotates from a chest mladenchik in such Jackson Pollo in a bib.

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It is done, at least

It is done, at least Children at the age of about two years can play with are imagined mi companions.

It is done, at least during neko tory time, approximately from one heel to one quarter children.

With bigger probability lonely children so play, but in an essence of such game there are no reasons for concern.

Such goods Russian cabbage soup usually is nearby when the child plays itself, but forget about them when the child is called by mother.

Game and training Time in front of the screen Adults have to take care of, that oznako aim with material to which children have access; to provide implementation of all rules, which prednazna Chena for protection of the child against a improper materi la; to discuss violent or in any other manner the plots and images disturbing children and whenever possible to provide their nonviolent equivalents.

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When performing

When performing Exercise is carried out with voice.

After that in the same way sover to shat the movements to the rightto the left.

When performing exercise it is heard indistinct sound r.

Therefore if your child says grassiruyushchiya sound r, it needs to show this exercise without voice, otherwise having heard similar on r a sound, it will include the pronunciation.

Tell to it that you show it performance of exercise without voice, and it will have to do it with voice.


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The child

The child At the child widely eyes are also tensely open: You have eyes round, make their pokrugly, pay attention that so it is inconvenient to look, now lower them down, you see, now they have a rest.

Exercises on dropping muscular clips.

You should show these exercises to the child, therefore at first study them.

The child has to raise hands up and then drop them.

Watch behind that the child dropped the relaxed hands.

They have to to fall under weight of a body weight, but not to fall in re to zultata of the special movement which is carrying out with pressing.

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