Let to the child

Let to the child Reacting to his requirements, you impart to it selfesteem.

Any child has to know, what behavior expect from it in general and what if it broke line the legal.

Your duty is to carry out this a cher and to let to the child know that that love him irrespective of him ho roshy behavior.

Let to the child know that you.

will love it, even if he will make a mistake.

If child to feeling et that it is in loving, careful an obsta to novka, but thus not too we sponsor and we suppress, if it was given certain freedom if it is allowed to make Work with feelings mistakes, these a lot of things speak about what grew thetas this kid.

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Parents These steps of an uspokaiv yut.

They help you to collect the thoughts and to ask yas but also it is quiet, without shouting and without carping.

Tell the child that you want that he made: it is clear, pros that and only once.

Parents hardly trust, but the child or the teenager most often will make about what he is asked.

Rodya body too got used to pass steps and and to start to a step , and it works with smaller probability.

If steps did not work that is improbable, ask those the child to tell by the own words about what you asked him.

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So, what

So, what And negative results, perhaps, will never manage to be corrected.

So, what parents and tutors specifically have to give to children?

And when there comes the critical term to which it is necessary to manage to make everything?

These are very important questions, and we need to consider them in all details.

Then we will be able to see, provide a day nursery vital needs of children or it is necessary to make changes for bigger efficiency to their work.

Ability to feel All children develop in the same sequence.

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Or even start

Or even start Do not go into extremes!

The knowledge of it out of a concept context children from heavens unfortunately, can do more harm, than advantage.

Because mothers who seriously are interested in Vedic knowledge, having learned suddenly that their child came from infernal planets, lose enthusiasm to be engaged in its spiritual improvement.

Or even start it being afraid.

The effect is shown it is similar to that nablyudalksya after an exit to screens of the movie Expelling a Dyavokl.

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However Now most likely it is obvious to you that to have business with feelings this big art, but not science.

However we trust it is based on years of supervision, that parents after some tests and mistakes can to seize this art.

Through some time you will feel that suits specifically yours to the child and that is not present.

With practice you will open soon that irritates him and calms that creates a distance also promotes the close relations that will wound and that treats.

Nothing can replace your own susceptibility.

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